Our Policies

The blog is intended to be an environment in which personal experiences can be shared without compromising the comfort, safety, and respect of those who submit posts or otherwise participate in the blog. To that end, narratives submitted to the blog should not include any identifying information, apart from an email address (which can be fake, a dummy, or genuine, as you see fit).

To protect your identity, identifying information (including your email address) will automatically be removed from all posts. Moreover, even the blog moderators will not know who you are, apart from whatever email address you provide.

You need not provide a genuine email address. But if your story is especially egregious or if it reports illegal activity, a moderator may contact you through the email address you provide to see if you would like any further information, help, or guidance. The moderator will not otherwise have access to your identity.

Those providing accounts of personal experiences should, where possible, avoid the use of abusive expressions. However, we recognize that abusive expressions may be appropriate, and, indeed, important to mention in relating the content of one’s experiences. Humor is encouraged.

Please note that your submission may take some time to be posted. Partly this is due to the availability of the moderators, but also out of an interest in regulating the frequency of posts.

This blog relies on the free time and willingness of its organizers. The moderators are responsible for deciding which stories to publish and whether stories require editing in light of blog format, privacy concerns, clarity, and so on. Our decisions will be final. A blog like this cannot function without moderators, and the feasibility of moderating vanishes if every decision can be contested or otherwise requires a detailed articulation of its basis.